This is the homepage of Curran Muhlberger, physicist-turned-software-engineer.

Here is where you can learn more about me or topics I have written about. My homepage collects my writings, research findings, and software projects in one location while also presenting a bit of information about myself. This site is currently under active development; be sure to check out my old website for additional content.


  • Now employed as a software engineer at SpaceX
    4 August 2014
  • I’m a doctor! Of physics, that is
    24 June 2014
  • I’m on the arXiv!
    11 May 2014
  • Added comprehensive programming projects page
    6 October 2013
  • I’ve started sharing code I’ve written (new and old) on GitHub
    18 September 2013
  • My résumé has been updated for the first time in 5 years
    18 September 2013